EL TALLER DEL CORAL S.L. it’s a family tradition.

Alghero, Sardegna The owner Simona Marras was born in Alghero (Sardinia, Italy) and she was formed in the family business, based in this city,que he dedicated to the production and sale of jewelry coral Sardinia. Alghero is a beautiful town, overlooking the Mediterranean sea, it was founded by a Catalan colony that still maintains its traditions and original language.
In its sea, the best quality corals are fished and artisan companies turn that into precious jewels.

Precisely in the artisan company of his father Franco Marras, Simona works since its childhood, learning all the secrets of the corals.


Like many young people, Simona sees the world of work in a different way from his parents, who would like to enlarge the family business in Italy, but she is convinced that the opportunities would be better abroad.
Then she decides to start a new project in Spain specifically in Barcelona, an European metropolis with all the necessary features to the company expansion (language, traditions, tourism, etc.) and she opens the first store in 2011.

The outcome was positive, the jewelry products are appreciated by both tourists and local people that honors the initiative with a continuous inflow into the store.

The next step was try another local course and open a second store.

In this case the results are positive too. Customers grows and it also starts a wholesale supplies request.

The production is developed from that moment, in reference to the request and to the local taste with a research intended to create a product that is developed around the creation of a line of jewelry more linked to Catalan tradition and culture.

Today, the company opens a website and the jewelry of EL TALLER DEL CORAL S.L. can also be purchased online at the site, with the same confidence that we made daily to Barcelona shops.

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