Red Coral and the myth of Medusa in Sardinia

Published the 27.10.2018

Red Coral and the myth of Medusa in Sardinia

Today we want to tell you a legend that is told in our land, Sardinia, about the Red Coral. According to this legend the precious Red Coral present in our seas owes its existence to the blood gushed from the head of Medusa.


Medusa di Caravaggio 

But let's start from the beginning for here did not already know the legend of Medusa.

Medusa is one of the three Gorgons, or rather the daughters of Forcis and Ceto, two marine deities of Greek mythology. Medusa, even though she was the only mortal among the three sisters, lived with them in a cave called Esperidi, located near the kingdom of the dead.

Medusa is said to be the most beautiful of the three sisters and who even managed to fall in love with the god of the sea Poseidon, meeting with him in a small temple dedicated to the goddess Athena.

The goddess Athena took this as a very serious personal offense, becoming so enraged that she transformed the beautiful Medusa into a monstrous creature and bearer of death. The beautiful smile of Medusa was replaced by horrible fangs, the hair became a tangle of poisonous snakes and hands and feet ended with very sharp claws. His gaze is now able to transform everything he meets into stone. Medusa has become a monster feared by mortals and immortals.

Athena, however, is not satisfied with the transformation of Medusa from a beautiful woman to a scary and lethal creature. He wants his death. He then asked Perseus for help, who, after meeting Medusa, kills her and gives her head as a tribute to Athena.

Athena uses the head of Medusa by inserting it into her shield, as Medusa's gaze continued to hold her powers even after being separated from her body.

During the separation of the head of Medusa from her body came the children conceived by her relationship with Poseidon: Crisone and the winged horse Pegasus.

The drops of blood that came out of the gash in the throat to fall to the ground gave birth to a myriad of poisonous snakes while those that fell into the sea gave life to the beautiful red corals of the seas of Sardinia.

We hope you enjoyed this little diversion on the legend of Medusa. We like to think it could be the original version, but of course in legends this is absolutely impossible to establish.

However born or not from the blood gushed from the severed head of Medusa to us the Red Coral like very much and we like to use it to create beautiful jewels that can show off in every occasion from the most important to everyday life.

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See you soon!

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